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Education is the first line of defense when dealing with noxious weeds; by educating yourself about the negative impacts that noxious weeds and regulated plants have on our economy, environment, and livelihoods you will be assisting federal, state, county, city and tribal governments in their quest to contain and control noxious weeds.

Take a few moments to educate yourself about noxious weeds and share that knowledge with your classroom, your own children or grandchildren, or a youth group.

Noxious weeds are everyone’s problem and by being informed about how noxious weeds spread, you can eliminate transporting seeds to an uninfected place.

Become educated, share what you have learned, and help stop the spread of noxious weeds in Montana.


Montana Noxious Weed Education Project

The Montana Noxious Weed Education (MNWE) Project is an educational curriculum packet designed to teach Montana's youth grades K-9 about the effects that noxious weeds have on our economy, environment and ecosystems.  This curriculum is comprised of highly visual components to help students remember the types of noxious weeds present in Montana as well as to encourage them to begin to learn how to identify the same plants while out recreating. 

With the visual nature in which this curriculum was developed, included in the folder are posters, noxious weed identification and fact cards, 5 Common Core Alligned lesson plans written for grades K-9, illustrations and resource documents.

Not only does this curriculum encourage students to begin to recognize Montana's state listed noxious weed species, it illustrates what they can do to help and why they should care about noxious weeds now and into their adulthood as well as calling for active participation on their part to help stop the spread of noxious weeds. Education is the first line of defense when it comes to noxious weeds, and this curriculum is a great start to helping your children; be it students in your classroom or your kids or grandkids about the dangers of noxious weeds.

This curriculum was developed through a collaborative effort and partners include the Montana Department of Agriculture, Montana State University, Forest Service, Montana Department of Transportation, Bureau of Land Management, Natural Resources and Conservation Service and the Montana Weed Control Association. Through this collaborative effort these folders are available to educators and private citizens at no cost. If you're interrested in recieving a copy, please email the Montana Noxious Weed Education Campaign.

Grade K-2: 3 Ways to Know Montana Noxious Weeds (PDF)

Grade 2-3: Life and the Noxious Weed Web (PDF)

Grade 5-8: Human Interactions and Noxious Weeds (PDF)

Grade 5-7: Weeds: Unwanted Neighbors (PDF)

Grade 6-9: Allelopathy & Invasion (PDF)

Vocabulary List for the Montana Noxious Weed Education Project (PDF)

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