Outdoor Enthusiasts

Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy spending as many hours as possible enjoying the wonders of nature. Whether you’re an angler on the Missouri River, a birdwatcher at Freezeout Lake, a hunter tracking wild game in the Beartooth Mountains, or an off-road rider cruising the backcountry, you can help keep a watchful eye out for non-native invaders that threaten the recreational activities that you enjoy.

By educating yourself about how to identify noxious weeds, how to stop their spread, and who to contact if you find an infestation, you can become an active participant in helping stop the spread of the noxious weeds that impact your recreational activities.

Whenever you're out and about recreating, remember to PlayCleanGo:

  • Arrive with clean gear.
  • Burn loval or certified firewood. 
  • The use certified noxious weed seed free hay is required on all public lands.
  • Stay on the trails.
  • Before leaving, remove mud and seeds.

By doing these simple steps every time you recreate, you're helping stop the spread of invasive plants!

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