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Did you know that in the state of Montana, there are 32 state listed noxious weeds? 

The Fight 5 campaign asks people to select 5 species that impact a recreational activity of their choice and learn as much about those 5 plants as you can; things like identifying characteristics, control methods (if you can pull them by hand) and who to contact if you find these 5 while out recreating.  By selecting 5 species that impact an activity the YOU care about, you're pledging to become a weed warrior!

So...  Have you picked your 5?

Join in the weed fighting brigade that's on the look out for infestations of noxious weeds across Montana.  Noxious weeds imact activites like hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, bird watching and even picture taking and wildlife viewing!.  Not only do these invasive plants impact the environment, they are expensie to control and sometimes impossible to get rid of! 

Fight 5 is a fun way to learn more about the plants that impact Montana's native ecosystems, recreational activities and our outdoor way of life.  By picking 5 species that impact activites that you like to do, you're helping preserve Montana for your enjoyment now and for future generations!

To get started, think of your favorite activity.

Then research noxious weed species that impact that activity.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Recreationalist's 5 (horseback rider, bird watcher, backpacker, etc): yellow starthisle, St. John's wort, tansy ragwort, orange hawkweed, purple loosestrife.
  • Boater's 5: Eurasian watermilfoil, flowering rush, curlyleaf pondweed, saltcedar, yellowflag iris.
  • Hunters' 5: Houndstongue, spotted knapweed, Russian knapweed, dalmatian toadflax, rush skeletonweed.
  • Anglers' 5: EWM, flowering rush, curlyleaf pondweed, saltcedar, purple loosestrife.
  • OHV riders' 5: Hoary alyssum, dyer's woad, Canada thistle, leafy spurge, scotch broom.
  • Farmers & Ranchers' 5: Common tansy, field bindweed, leafy spurge, Canada thistle, whitetop.

A great weed website to check out to learn more about noxious weeds and noxious weed identification is the Montana Weed Control Association (MWCA).  Be sure to visit this site to brush up on your weed ID skills and to pick your 5!

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