Adopt a Trailhead Montana

Adopt A Trailhead Montana (AATM)

Adopt a Trailhead Montana (AATM) is a cooperative volunteer program that was designed to help protect Montana’s trails from further spread of noxious weeds.

Are Noxious Weeds a Problem at Trailheads?

Yes! Noxious weeds are a problem at trailheads because these invasive plants thrive in disturbed areas. Trailheads are ideal for weed establishment because there is frequent concentrated activity in a relatively small area. This repetitive disturbance at trailheads provides the perfect habitat for noxious weeds to become established and increases their ability to spread.

Once established noxious weeds slowly make their way up trail systems often hitchhiking as seeds in mud in the treads of mountain bikes, ATVs or other motorized vehicles, in the socks, shoelaces or gear of hikers and hunters, and in the hair or fur of pets, as well as riding and pack animals.

Want to Get Involved?

Volunteer & Adopting Group Expectations

The Adopt a Trailhead Montana program relies heavily on the dedication and involvement of volunteer groups from across the state. Groups interested in participating need to be organized and have support from their membership for an AATM project to be successful.

Membership must be willing to perform removal of noxious weeds at least once per calendar year at the site selected.

Volunteer Recognition

The most important component of the AATM program is the volunteer groups. To show appreciation and recognition to the volunteer groups, a sign with the name of the adopting group is placed on the kiosk acknowledging the group providing maintenance.

Steps to Becoming an AATM Volunteer Group:

  1. Select a trailhead of interest.
  2. Get group approval and support for participating in the project. The more people on board, the better the project will be.
  3. Work with land management agency that has jurisdiction over the land where the trailhead is located.
  4. Select a day that works best for group members to meet and perform removal of noxious weeds at the selected trailhead.

For more information on the AATM program and how you can get involved, contact: Shantell Frame-Martin at (406) 883-7375 or


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