The MNWEC not only seeks to educate the public, our main goal is to encourage the public to participate in ecologically based integrated weed management.

The most important component in noxious weed management is education, and the MNEWC provides a coordinated effort for:

  • Expanding knowledge of noxious weed identification;
  • Providing knowledge of how people and the environment are affected both economically and ecologically by noxious weeds;
  • Incorporating public awareness and education into agencies’ noxious weed management efforts;
  • Improving understanding of why the general public needs to support efforts to control noxious weeds within Montana;
  • Distributing educational materials that demonstrate weed management techniques;
  • Highlighting successful weed management programs within the state of Montana.


Target Audiences:

  • Government groups including federal, state, county & city governments
  • Utilities & transportation groups
  • Public
  • Conservation & environmental community
  • Youth & youth educators
  • Recreationists, sportsmen, tourists
  • Tribal nations & reservations
  • Real estate professionals and developers
  • Small-tract land owners
  • Weed-related non-governmental organizations


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